Woman living on water-only diet stops on day 47 after realizing she could be encouraging others to 'starve to death'


                                       Naveena Shine
A woman trying to live on nothing but water for up to six months is calling it quits after 47 days.
Naveena Shine, 65, from Redmond, Seattle, stopped eating on May 3 in a bid to explore breatharianism - the concept that food is not necessary and sunlight provides all of the nourishment the body needs.
But on Sunday she announced via Facebook and YouTube that she is ending the extreme self-experiment because she has realized that it's 'totally dangerous' and likely to cause death

She continued: 'Somebody doing this without all of that in place is synonymous to watching a tightrope walker high in the air, admiring them and thinking you can do it too.
'Now that I see all that feedback, I am really seeing that it is totally dangerous'
'If I got up there and tried to copy them, the result would be instant death.'
Ms Shine will 'slowly' resume eating on June 19. In 45 days she has lost 20per cent of her body weight, taking her five-foot four-inch frame down from 159 to 126 pounds.
Other than water she has also been drinking tea with a 'splash of milk' and recently started taking daily vitamin supplements.

Unpleasant side effects of her no-food diet have included 'sensations of bile' at the back of her throat, sickness, nausea and constipation.
It also impacted on her social life. On day seven she wrote: 'My friends had a barbeque tonight! I could not actually smell it but I could hear them all having a good time. They did send me their love but no steak!
'Food is such a social connection that to give up the addiction to food also requires learning how to interact in a non-food situation.
'Imagine going to a wedding or a party or a buffet and not eating! I don’t even want to think of it!'
Confined to the same four walls, Ms Shine has been filling her time with movies, exercise and sleep.
In one of her video entries she claimed she felt 'very well' and only occasionally experienced 'twinges of what feels like hunger'.
However, now she days that negative public reaction has caused her to reconsider what she is doing.
'There are a lot of people who are genuinely concerned for safety and genuinely don't think it's possible and believe it to be dangerous,' she said on Sunday.
'Now that I see all that feedback, I am really seeing that it is totally dangerous.'

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