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    “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” ― Coco Chanel.

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    “What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” ― Scott Westerfeld, Uglies.

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    To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. Buddha.

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    “If you wait until you have enough money to decorate and make your home your own, it will never happen. If you wait until you can afford to buy everything new, you are missing the point. It is the old, the new, the hand-me-down, the collected, the worn but loved things in your home that make it your own.” Stacy Risenmay.

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    The thing that's nice about pregnancy is that in the end, you have a baby.

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    It’s all about celebrities and their lifestyle.

  • Gnews


    It’s all about celebrities and their lifestyle.

Kerry Washington Pregnant With Her First Child!

Kerry Washington is expecting her first child with Nnamdi Asomugha "She's about four months along," a pal of the actress reveals.

The Emmy-nominated actress, 36, and the NFL player, 32, quietly married in June in Hailey, Idaho. The notoriously private Scandal star has barely said a word about being a newlywed, only telling GlamourMagazine that she's "learned from experience" that talking about her personal life just "doesn't work" for her. According to reports, Washington and Asomugha, a cornerback for the San Francisco 49ers, had been dating since 2012. 
The pregnancy news caps off an already incredible year for Washington: marriage, Emmy nomination,Scandal's unprecedented success and now motherhood.   
Congrats to the happy couple!                            

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Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola won Miss Muslimah World contest

A Nigerian woman has been crowned Muslim Miss World in the final of a beauty pageant organised by a women's group in direct response to the mainstream Miss World competition taking place in Indonesia.
Miss Nigeria, Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola, 21, won the Miss Muslimah World contest which was organised by the World Muslimah Foundation, a Muslim women's group, and held in Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta as a protest to the traditional contest being held in Bali this month.
The annual Muslim event - now in its third year - is held exclusively for Muslim women, who are assessed not only their appearance (in Islamic dress) but also their piety, religious knowledge and understanding of the Koran.

Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola Has Been Crowned Miss World Muslimah 2013
Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola was awarded the accolade at the third annual event in Jakarta,Indonesia.
"We're just trying to show the world that Islam is beautiful," the 21-year-old told Agence France-Press on Wednesday.
"It was not really about competition," she added.
Ajibola, who wept and dropped to her knees while reciting verses from the Quran, was awarded with prize money of £1,365 and trips to Mecca and India.
The annual pageant, held exclusively for Muslim women, assesses not only the appearance of contestants, but also their piety and religious knowledge.
The contest saw participants from 20 countries take part, including Bangladesh, Malaysia, Brunei and Iran.
A single U.S finalist - Ainee Fatima from Chicago - withdrew from the competition on 13 September, citing her father's ill health.
The pageant was held ahead the upcoming Miss World competition, which has drawn protests from hardline Indonesian Muslim groups.
It final had been due to be held in a venue near Jakarta, but will now take place in Bali. 

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Jay Z, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s best vacation photos


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Wentworth Miller reveals suicide attempt over sexuality


Last month, actor Wentworth Miller had the whole internet doing a double take after he decided to surprisingly come out of the closet in protest to Russia’s controversial anti-gay laws and discrimination. Now, the former “Prison Break” star is opening up about his struggles with his sexuality and has admitted that he tried to kill himself when he was a teenager.
According to E! News, Miller made the shocking revelation during the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Seattle Saturday night, saying that he tried to overdose on pills when his parents were away.
“The first time I tried to kill myself I was 15,” he said. “I waited until my family went away for the weekend and I was alone in the house and I swallowed a bottle of pills. I don’t remember what happened over the next couple days, but I’m pretty sure come Monday morning I was on a bus back to school pretending everything was fine. And when someone asked me if that was a cry for help, I say no, because I told no one.”
Miller explained that life in the closet was hell for him during his childhood and that he was often tormented for not being masculine enough.
“Growing up I was a target,” said Miller. “Speaking the right way, standing the right way, holding your wrist the right way. Every day was a test and there was a thousand ways to fail. A thousand ways to portray yourself to not live up to someone else’s standards of what was accepted.”
Miller explains that the he carried those same insecurities and closet mentality into adulthood and ultimately into his acting career, which he feared would result in him being targeted in the industry if he came out.
“I had multiple opportunities to speak my truth, which is that I was gay, but I chose not to. I was out privately to family and friends—publicly, I was not,” Miller said. “I chose to lie—when I thought about the possibility of coming out, how that might impact me and the career I worked so hard for, I was filled with fear.”
However, Miller finally overcame that fear when he came out In August when he refused to attend a film festival in Russia. “As a gay man, I must decline. I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government.”

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Give your bathroom with nice look.


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The Real-Life Barbie Doll

Meet 27 year old Valeria Lukyanova from Ukraine. She's become famous worldwide as the "Living Barbie". Her body and her face bring to mind the classic girls' doll.

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The Blobfish (Psychrolutes Marcidus) fish grim-faced like a human

The Psychrolutes Marcidus (formal name of the blobfish) lives in the extreme depths of the sea off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. This saltwater fish may be the ugliest fish in the ocean. It looks like a mass of gelatin with wide lips and a large bulbous nose between two very tiny eyes and a constant expression of distaste. If you looked like that you would be perpetually scowling. You will probably never see one in the gelatinous flesh because it lives at extreme depths of the ocean and is rarely seen by humans except for the local fishermen who catch them by trawling the sea bottom with nets. The blobfish can withstand the high pressure (80 times higher than at sea level) because its body is jelly-like and has a density just less than water. This means that the blobfish can float just above the sea bottom using very little energy.
Because it is all gel, this fish has a density that is less than water. This lets him float above the floor of the sea without needing to swim. That’s good, because a blob fish has no muscles at all. It looks like a big lump of jelly but it has a triangular face with an expression that is kind of like a scowl or frown.
Blob fish were first described in 1978, very recently in terms of fish identification. The first blob fishes in reproduction were discovered in 2000 on the Gorda Escarpment off the California coast. The fish were in an area where other species of fish and octopus were also breeding. These fishes were watched at several different locations and levels by a remotely operated vehicle, and have been studied every year since they were found.
The female Blob fish lays thousands of eggs at once and unlike a lot of fish the Blob fish will actually stay with her eggs, floating above as usual of in some cases literally sitting on the eggs. The Blob fish nesting habits are interesting as its not uncommon to find groups of Blob fish nesting together with one females eggs sometimes right next to another females. Its not known whether this behavior is strategic of whether it is just a result of their ‘lazy’ nature.
When first spotted, the blob fish was overseeing nests that contained 9000 to 108,000 pink-colored eggs. The nests all had brooding fish either sitting on their eggs or touching them. Other nest sites in rougher territory looked to be unattended, but the eggs were completely clean, which was thought to mean that brooding fish either sat on the eggs or cleaned them frequently.
The dozens of blob fish and their nests were quite close to one another. Eggs would be on neighboring rocks with sometimes only a meter in-between the families. None of the fish, whether with their eggs or not, showed any fear at all of the remote vehicle. Scientists are still trying to determine why such reproductive hot spots exist. At present it is believed to have to do with cold seeps, which make the water in these regions warmer and supply a steady stream of food.
Blob fish out of water :
As the Blob fish is comprised of a gelatinous substance they actually have no muscles at all and they just float in the same spot most of the time waiting for their next meal. Scientific research has explained that the main diet of the Blob fish is that of sea urchins, crabs, crustaceans and mollusks. The Blob fish will literally float in place waiting for a meal to come by with little or no effort exerted in hunting prey, this leads to in-frequent meals which works fine for the Blob fish as sustenance isn’t needed in a large level as the Blob fish devotes almost of its time to floating stationary, its because of this behavior that the Blob fish has been branded ‘lazy’
When under water the Blob fish has an comical, almost human looking face however if taken out of water the Blob fish will die after a short while and is gelatinous body will dry out and shrivel no longer resembling the typical way people think of Blob fish. Currently the survivability of Blob fish is being investigated as it is becoming to common an occurrence of fishermen catching Blob fish by mistake and of course severely lessening their chances of survival.
Australia and New Zealand are some of the most active trawling locations in the world and therefore, the blobfish, using these waters as its habitat, is sadly facing a rapid extinction. It is unknown exactly what this would mean for the oceans in which it dwells due to the fact that not much is known about the animal. It likely feeds on edible matter and plant life, but if it is part of a food chain or another animal, then that animal could suffer following the extinction of the blobfish.
The only conservation effort that has been implemented to save the blobfish is an attempted ban or halt on deep sea trawling and fishing, but this has not yet came to pass. The last time the blobfish was prominently sighted or reported was in 2006. With almost five years since then, it is a potential risk that the blobfish could already be extinct or if it does in fact still exist, its numbers are probably smaller than ever due to the large amount of deep see trawling that still plagues the waters in which it inhabits.
Information :
Name : Blobfish
Kingdom : Animal
Phylum : Arthropoda
Class : Actinopterygii
Order : Scorpaeniformes
Family : Psychrolutidae
Genus : Psychrolutes
Species : Psychrolutes Marcidus
Reference : http://www.itsnature.org/sea/fish/blob-fish/

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Make Up Bag should have this most important product



Foundation is the base of your face. Be sure to add in a foundation that comes with the added benefit of sunscreen to help to protect your face from harmful UV rays.


Whether you are hiding blemishes, dark circles or blue veins, this product is a must have. Let those imperfections be your little secret.

You don’t want to be caught without some color on your lips. You will love the satin feel on your lips and the color of life it brings to your face.

Define your eyes with a good waterproof eyeliner. Many brands offer a variety of products. You will accent your eyes and turn heads as you go.



Choose the perfect palette for your eyes and set the tone for your face. You may want to consult a professional to find the best shades for you. Choose the best shades according to your hair and eye colour!

Makeup brushes are a must have for putting your makeup on. Investing in a top quality set is important. Be sure the clean your brushes regularly and replace them as recommended to ensure you do not cause any blemishes on your face.



Just as important as putting it on is taking it off. A set of makeup removing wipes for your bag can help you remove your makeup on the go, at work, or on the road and help you to reset your face at any time.




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