Care for your Hand and Feet


Hand and Foot Care with Natural Home Remedies
The following treatments are great for hand and foot care and are made from ingredients found in most kitchens and bathrooms:
Hand Care

Wipe hands with witch hazel and soak them in a strong tea solution for fifteen minutes to reduce sweating.
To soothe dry chapped hands, pour a half cup of olive oil into a quart of warm water; soak hand for fifteen minutes and pat dry without rinsing.
Mix two tablespoons of any vegetable oil with two of salt to scrub away calluses and dead skin from the hands.
To strengthen fingernails, soak hands in a mixture made from eight ounces of water, a tablespoon of aloe vera juice, two ounces of lemon juice, and four ounces of olive oil for ten to fifteen minutes once a week.

Foot Care

Dust the feet with baking soda or corn starch before putting on socks or hosiery to prevent sweating.
To control foot odor, periodically place feet in a solution of warm water mixed with some salt and white vinegar.
Smooth away the rough skin on heels by grinding a lemon, adding salt to the pulp, and scrubbing the feet.
Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a dollop of petroleum jelly to rub into cracked heels.
Rub in a mashed banana to soothe feet that are sore and tired.
If foot and hand care are eating away at family funds, why not try one of these home remedies?


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