Woman has different styles of hair that she can make for her self one of them is sockbun ,here are some tips that can help you to style sockbun at home

Begin with an old (clean) sock. The size (and thickness) of the sock will determine the size of your bun. I used the leg of a pair of opaque tights.
Cut of the toe of the sock so it is open at both ends.
Roll up the stocking to make a ‘doughnut’.
Comb your hair back and tie it into a ponytail. Position the ponytail where you want the bun to be.
Place the rolled sock over the ponytail so that your hair goes through the hole in the sock.

 Spread your hair out over the sock, make sure there are no gaps where the sock is showing through
Tuck in any hair under the bun to hide away the ends of the hair

It takes a few minutes to do. Give it a try! If your bun looks frizzy you can cover it with a hair net to make it look neater.


  1. Instead of using a sock you should try a hair donut! has them in different colors to match your hair and different sizes so you can get the perfect bun for your style!

    1. Waooo that will be nice!!!! ok gals as stormie says.